29 March 2011

Obligatory Introduction

I'm Matt.

Things I love: My friends, drums, the Spanish language, analyzing teaching methods, talking about interesting things, Paper Mario (no, really, I have a special heartfelt connection to the Paper Mario series...), old video games in general, meeting awesome people

I won't talk about things I hate... there aren't a lot of them.

I make up words, I make up ideas, and I talk about things that may or may not be relevant...

The frequency of its updatedness here may not be consistent. I'm disclaiming EVERYTHING with this statement: Even I don't know what I'm really using this blog for, so don't expect to see a themed blog. Anything is fair game.

I wanted to start with a 5-page illustratory graphic aid to demonstrate why I chose "AP Life" as the title of the blog, but I couldn't get the images up that I wanted to use to start posting. :-( So I will begin with posting two poems I've written. Why not start with something?

Word Salad

I’ve heard
Through the grapevine,
Of a delicious little delicacy.
The great green “word salad!”
(Doesn’t it make you hungry?)

At any rate, isn’t it story day?

Well, okay.

Hm. Aha. Bubbles.
The bubbles solved red cubes in February.
Only then. Green, vicious smelling extensions.
Does it fry your tail yet?
Does it?
I disperse.
Terraforming, now…

Story? No! No!
Well. Let us continue here.

Hey, hey! What food have monsters yet shot? Oh! The spray!
Are we so sleepy as to not attack the mouse anyway?
Vibrant, gallivanting steeds, lend me your toes!
I’ll enlighten you so that nobody knows!
Kick his medicine! Swallow his piano! Inquire about her floss!
Your absurd rubber band swipes presidential moss!!
Oh, but that moss! Its ideas so sweet.
The iguanas raid pudding before the fleet!
What, how!? (Now a typo had usurped his pajamas)
Llamas! Only half grand jokers defend llamas!

“Wait, stop,” he said.
“I’ll end up dead.
We all need to eat.
Trust me, I’m beat.”

So he uptook the ghastly calculator; unyielding, equidistant, and free.

Ah, “word salad.”
How delicious and delectable are thee.


Another, more serious one I wrote in some random, non-conforming style to any one in particular to what isn't even my favorite month.

Second Month

O! February
The forgotten gem.
Its rarity, its charm.
Its brevity, forgiving nature.
But O! Promise.
Its promise for hope.

O! February
Little more than a
In the road for our kind.
Why such a BUMP?
Commanding respect.
A chance between LOVE, but of course
And the cold, cold

O! February!
The chalky-white skies and the snowy-white everything.
Of what is known so familiarly otherwise.
Its hold,
The final chapter for some,
Leads begging for more.
For the skies and plains of dimmer days
in March.

O! February
Days tick by,
And like that,

O! February
Thy gift of change.
Gift of hope.
Thy gift of transition and forget.
But, O! February!
Why doth thee pass so swiftly?
The second month but a faint memory,
Its days discarded.

O! March
Without February, thy beauty and conformity lest be forgotten,
O! January
Thy bustle, freshness and staleness might otherwise last years.
O! February
Our gratitude to thee, but from thee we must sever,
Though I wish thy charm did last us forever.


Bummed out I couldn't get my entire post in that I wanted in the beginning but posting two poems will have to do. 

With [my place of employment] opening in a few weeks, I'm incredibly excited to see what types of new things come this year. Hopefully I can share some positive or interesting experiences here when that goes down.

AND! One thing I was going to post in the incredibly well-drawn graphic aid I drew was an advertisement to check out my friend Shaylene's blog. She is incredibly awesome and she writes book reviews so please go check her stuff out and make sure you read some of her reviews and posts!! :-) 


  1. Aw, thanks for mentioning me :) The poems are AMAZING! Did you write them? Either way, your blog is still great!

  2. Yeah, I did write them. :) I love writing poetry.